Why “Thank You” Is More Than Just Good Manners. This was the title of the article that I read this morning.  When I first saw this title I thought, “hmm”, this is interesting because Thanksgiving is coming soon. I then read this article more carefully so I could talk about it with someone else and bring it up at our family Thanksgiving dinner.

I have always said “Thank You” because I was told to by my parents. I  thought it was just a good manners. I never thought about how it really affected me or the people I was saying it to. 

In the article I noticed that sociologists have long understood that saying “thank you” is for the benefit of oneself. People who are saying “thank you” are making themselves feel better as well as the other people who helped them with their problems. People who are thanked are more willing to help then people who aren’t thanked.

For example, drivers often say “thank you” to other drivers by blinking their lights. When I’m in the car with my mom and somebody thanks her for letting them go in front of her, I can see how good she feels. I also see that she looks forward to doing this again. 

After my mom gives me rides I always say “thank you”. I do this because its good manners and I want more rides. From reading the article I realize that I’m making her feel appreciated and needed.

I believe saying “thank you” is not just good manners but it is also about one’s personality. It depends on how people are acting. If they are acting nice you don’t really need them to say “thank you” because you already know they are glad to help but if a person is unfriendly and not willing to help I believe it is important for you to say “thank you” to them. 

Sometimes in  certain situations both people say “thank you”.  A customer in a restaurant will say “thank you” for the service. The waitress will say “thank you” for the business. Both people benefit psychologically from this role playing. “Psychology has a very important role to play for both the person giving and the person receiving (p.2., par 6).”  


I’m thankful for my family. I’m glad that I have small but nice family which is always agree with me and ready to help me. I believe it is very important for the family to be connected to each other. I’m glad that I have my mom and that she gives me opportunity to make my own choses. I’m thankful that we have nicest place to live and we have two brilliant pets that we all connected and can have fun together.

During thanks giving day, I and my family will get together. We will give presents which we will make for each other and eat diner. We got this tradition from United States, two years ago because this tradition come from U.S and almost every American family celibate this holiday. After we moved from United States we kept this tradition celebrating Thanksgiving Day.Image

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