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     In the beginning of the book the author introduces us to a dark and serious situation. Death. However, the author is making light of this situation. Author does this by telling us that one town has experienced many death due to love.

     The main character handles this situation through with non traditional ways,by not being serious about it. He just does his job.

     My impression is that in the future there will be more interesting parts. I believe the main character has more secrets, and I hope he will tell more about his personal life. I hope their will be some explanation of the death in one town and more humor in the story.

     I personally believe that this book is more for girls than boys because people in this book die from love and it explains in details that some boys may find a little bit boring. But it is my opinion.

     According to Oprah’s Book Club Collection comments: “This is one of the greatest love stories I have ever read. … It is so beautifully written that it really takes you to another place in time and will make you ask yourself—how long could you, or would you, wait for love?”In the beginning I can’t really see a a lot of great love but I hope when I get dipper I will find it…Image



     People are often getting into all kinds of  dangerous situations like rape, and  fights and even more serious things. Would things be different if we could actually protect ourselves from all this. The only things that can stop all this crime are weapons and more specifically, guns.

     People should be allowed to carry guns. In statistics that were given by, 73% of people voted to allow guns and 23% were against. Criminals by definition break laws so stricter gun laws would have no effect. The only ones who would not have guns would be law abiding citizens. Even if we were successful in disarming everybody, even criminals, it would have no effect on mass killings. Guns are not the only weapon capable of such destruction. Criminals kill people, not guns, not knives, not dynamite. The best way to stop criminals is to arm law-abiding citizens.

     When people carry guns they will feel more protected. Allow guns. One of the lowest crime rates in the world is in Finland where they require citizens to own firearms. Allow teachers and faculty to have guns in locked closets or drawers to be able to fight against any intruder. Criminals that plan on killing people will not back away from their plans to kill because they would have illegal guns.Pretty sure they are ready to break the law if they are going to kill people ( ). Therefore I believe we should put this policy in place not only in Finland but in America and other countries. says it is too late for gun control in America and that it’s never going to happen. There are too many guns out there, and an individual’s right to bear arms is now entrenched in constitutional law. Gun control in America is as marijuana prohibition, with important differences: that the government is still for some reason pursuing the absurd project of marijuana prohibition; and that guns are actually a significant threat to public health. In this sense, gun control is on a long list of things that could have saved many people’s lives and made the world a better place.

     According to  all of you have been saying “oh killing in Conedicants never would have happened.” What about the people who get guns illegally? The government can’t stop that. But if all those other students had guns, the shooter would have probably been less likely to open fire. Because, if a student heard a shot or saw somebody being shot, his first reaction may be to get help, but if he’s being shot at, his first reaction would be to fire back and neutralize his target and all would be avoided.

     So, there it is . We should have guns in our household because of all the facts I just listed you. I think that nothing will change if we abandon guns but if we keep them changes can happen in the way we can protect ourselves from criminals.

     One of my friends always eats unhealthy and it’s really making me mad because he eats and doesn’t get fat. I think he should eat healthy like eating fruits and vegetables because he is strong minded and he can handle eating healthy. According to   if you have a nice start diet it will have many positive effects upon your health. It helps control blood glucose levels, may reduce cholesterol and probably reduces the risk of colon cancer and other cancers.

     Sometimes he goes to the gym but walking on the treadmill is not enough. He should try to do more exercises because he is young and energetic this will help him to do more. According to if you exercise regularly it could help protect you from heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, back pain, and can improve your mood and help you to better manage stress.

     The other thing that makes me unhappy is that he likes to eat sweets. According to consuming sugar make hunger pangs go away. That is why we are often told not to eat sweets before a main meal. When we take in too much sugar, we do not feel the need to eat food that contains more of the important nutrients that our body needs, such as vitamins, iron, calcium and magnesium. There is a difference between feeling full after every meal and gaining the nutrition you need from every meal. If you still want to eat sugar you should eat candy that has low sugar. This should make it easier for you to keep your appetite and then eat a healthier meal.

     I think he will be good at taking those little steps because he is strong and he has will power. If he starts doing that right now maybe in half a year his body will be healthier outside and inside.

First, what is the New Year? The New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins. In many cultures, the event is celebrated in some manner. The New Year of the Gregorian calendar, today in worldwide use, falls on January 1, as was the case with the Roman calendar.

     But why do we celebrate it? Well, according to statistics from most  people celebrate New  Year’s Day because it is one of the oldest of holidays that has been celebrated all over the world.  New Year’s celebrations focus on family and friends. It is a time to reflect on the past and welcome the New Year with hope. So, by most traditions we will drink glass of champagne and wish others “Happy New Year”. Like Greg Wiater, an English journalist from UK, said “Humanity should be the happiest species in the whole universe because we wish each other happy new year every 12 months and this should accumulate every 12 months to happiness that we were wished in the previous years. And thus by now we should be the happiest beings ever in the whole universe.”

     The other question that came to my mind is why we say, “Happy New Year”? We wish somebody that the next year is happy for them – full of happiness and that only the best things will happen to them.  But does it have any impact on a person’s life?

     Look at this world. Do people live in happiness? The answer is no because some people don’t see all the suffering that is going on in this world, you don’t see that 1 billion people starve, you don’t see the wars, you don’t see the crime.

     What is the purpose of celebrating the New Year and wishing other people “Happy New Year” if this has no meaning, no significance, no influence on others life.

About two days ago I watched an interesting documentary. It was about Napoleons death. I was affected by the things they said. In the movie they say that they still don’t know who killed Napoleon. It has been two centuries since his death and no one knows the real reason why he died.

As it says in the documentary, Napoleon died from stomach cancer. It was proven by six doctors that studied his sickness.  They did an autopsy to find out if Napoleon had heavy metals in his stomach.  Everything was written in a document and put in a folder, and then everybody forgot about it. Although, one Swedish dentist who was really interested in Napoleons death began his own research. He was shocked when he discovered that Napoleon didn’t die from cancer. He died from poising. He proved it from hair that he found in a museum. The hair showed that he was exposed to poison over 28 times in his entire life. The dentist was so proud of himself that he shared his research with other scientists; they agreed with him but decided that there is no real answer to Napoleons death. There was another theory that Napoleon died because when he was a child he was always close to heavy metals. They were in his house, almost in every room, and outside the house. So, the theory that he died from stomach cancer could still be true but no one know the real answer to this question.

At the end I want to say that it is strange that no one still can’t find the real reason of Napoleons death. I hope it will come from one hero who will discover why Napoleon died. It would be a great end to this theories l of those stories.

“Far from frivolous, the relatively unfettered time on weekends provides critical opportunities for bonding with others, exploring interests and relaxing; basic psychological needs that people should be careful not to crowd out with overwork “said Richard Ryan a British biographer and playwright. People can’t work every day without stopping for a break and without any weekends. If we worked all week without a break we would all go crazy and would not be able to do any work clearly. Going without the rest would be unfair and impossible to do because everyone needs a change at least once a week.  

            The definition of rest is change of work, effort, or activity. So to best rest from work is to change it to a different time just for couple days. It will make you more relaxed and feel better. Doing some activities during the weekend is a great idea too. Play sports, go for a walk with your friends or play with a member of your family. It could be a great way to make your brain rest from the work you have in your head.  Also, make an effort to do something for yourself; do something unusual. Give yourself a new idea. You could go to the movies, shopping, or even go to your grandmother’s house, just so it’s something different from what you usually do.

I had an experience this year. In the beginning of the year I had a great mood and a fresh start. Later in the second month I got crazy tired because I had too much work and no time to do it. So, I got very worn-out and frustrated. I told my mom what we should do something during the break. She agreed with me and when the beak started we went to Paris. This trip really helped me even on next day I had to come back to school. After our trip I felt fresher and not as depressed as I was before.

            I believe that people can’t work all the time. We all need the weekend. I believe that all the people in the world need to rest and relax and change the environment around them. 

Internet is our life

People are spending half of their day sitting on the internet entertaining themselves. People use it as a medium to connect with other people as well as share files, entertain themselves, find information and lots of other activities that are useful in many ways. Some of the websites which people are finding useful are Google, Facebook, the NY Times, and Reditt.
The problem is that the internet is like a drug for some people. Once you try it you keep doing it again and again. The reason why internet is like a drug is because we are on it every day and we always have access to it. If at first you spend one hour there, on the next day you will probably spend two times more because you are getting used to the stuff that the internet is showing you and you want to see more.
For example, Facebook. People love spending time on Facebook because it is fun and interesting to talk to your friends. Although, there has to be someone to make Facebook interesting.
As it said on the Buzzon website, “Though Facebook is getting tough on multiple profile management; the number of fake users is becoming uncontrollable on the Facebook fan page. These profiles have a tendency to like pages randomly, without any reason.” Although, this is only one reason why people like Facebook more than real life.People want to be needed and feel attractive, even to people they don’t know.
I think this generation that is growing up right now is going to be way different from the generation that was before. People of our time feel more independent and feel more free to do what they want to. The influence of the Internet has spread beyond the confines of the online world and has affected every aspect of our lives.