People are often getting into all kinds of  dangerous situations like rape, and  fights and even more serious things. Would things be different if we could actually protect ourselves from all this. The only things that can stop all this crime are weapons and more specifically, guns.

     People should be allowed to carry guns. In statistics that were given by, 73% of people voted to allow guns and 23% were against. Criminals by definition break laws so stricter gun laws would have no effect. The only ones who would not have guns would be law abiding citizens. Even if we were successful in disarming everybody, even criminals, it would have no effect on mass killings. Guns are not the only weapon capable of such destruction. Criminals kill people, not guns, not knives, not dynamite. The best way to stop criminals is to arm law-abiding citizens.

     When people carry guns they will feel more protected. Allow guns. One of the lowest crime rates in the world is in Finland where they require citizens to own firearms. Allow teachers and faculty to have guns in locked closets or drawers to be able to fight against any intruder. Criminals that plan on killing people will not back away from their plans to kill because they would have illegal guns.Pretty sure they are ready to break the law if they are going to kill people ( ). Therefore I believe we should put this policy in place not only in Finland but in America and other countries. says it is too late for gun control in America and that it’s never going to happen. There are too many guns out there, and an individual’s right to bear arms is now entrenched in constitutional law. Gun control in America is as marijuana prohibition, with important differences: that the government is still for some reason pursuing the absurd project of marijuana prohibition; and that guns are actually a significant threat to public health. In this sense, gun control is on a long list of things that could have saved many people’s lives and made the world a better place.

     According to  all of you have been saying “oh killing in Conedicants never would have happened.” What about the people who get guns illegally? The government can’t stop that. But if all those other students had guns, the shooter would have probably been less likely to open fire. Because, if a student heard a shot or saw somebody being shot, his first reaction may be to get help, but if he’s being shot at, his first reaction would be to fire back and neutralize his target and all would be avoided.

     So, there it is . We should have guns in our household because of all the facts I just listed you. I think that nothing will change if we abandon guns but if we keep them changes can happen in the way we can protect ourselves from criminals.