About two days ago I watched an interesting documentary. It was about Napoleons death. I was affected by the things they said. In the movie they say that they still don’t know who killed Napoleon. It has been two centuries since his death and no one knows the real reason why he died.

As it says in the documentary, Napoleon died from stomach cancer. It was proven by six doctors that studied his sickness.  They did an autopsy to find out if Napoleon had heavy metals in his stomach.  Everything was written in a document and put in a folder, and then everybody forgot about it. Although, one Swedish dentist who was really interested in Napoleons death began his own research. He was shocked when he discovered that Napoleon didn’t die from cancer. He died from poising. He proved it from hair that he found in a museum. The hair showed that he was exposed to poison over 28 times in his entire life. The dentist was so proud of himself that he shared his research with other scientists; they agreed with him but decided that there is no real answer to Napoleons death. There was another theory that Napoleon died because when he was a child he was always close to heavy metals. They were in his house, almost in every room, and outside the house. So, the theory that he died from stomach cancer could still be true but no one know the real answer to this question.

At the end I want to say that it is strange that no one still can’t find the real reason of Napoleons death. I hope it will come from one hero who will discover why Napoleon died. It would be a great end to this theories l of those stories.